Immigration Bond Hearing Attorneys

If a family member, friend or loved one has been arrested and detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), he or she has the right to contact an immigration lawyer. The experienced immigration attorneys at Brandt Immigration may be able to intervene in order to seek relief from immigration detention.

Immigrants who are not classified as arriving aliens or terrorists are generally allowed to seek bond as long as they are not classified as aggravated felons under the federal immigration guidelines.

A bond is a guarantee to show up in court. Many people are worried about the cost of an immigration bond, but as in any criminal case, you will get the money back, as long as the bonded individual appears at all required court proceedings.

When we are contacted by clients seeking immigration bonds we initially proceed to determine the client’s eligibility, and if it appears the client may be eligible for bond, then we proceed to file a Motion for Speedy Bond Hearing for the immigrant and schedule the hearing for the earliest possible date before the appropriate immigration judge.

Immigration judges take a number of factors into account when determining the amount of immigration bonds.

Factors for determining Immigration Bond Eligibility & Amounts

  1. Whether the immigrant has a criminal history
  2. Whether the immigrant poses a danger to the community
  3. Whether the immigrant is a flight risk
  4. Whether the immigrant has a history of stable employment
  5. Whether the immigrant is able to pay the bond
  6. Eligibility for relief from removal
  7. Immigration history
  8. Ties to community organizations

Seek an Experienced Immigration Bond Hearing Attorney

Bond hearings are separate from immigration cases, but it is helpful to work with an attorney who can competently handle both.

At Brandt Immigration we have represented numerous clients in immigration bond hearings and work to help you negotiate favorable bond terms.

Contact an Experienced Immigration Bond Hearing Lawyer

Immigration bonds can often be negotiated with a respective immigration office or officer prior to an individual being transported to an immigration detention facility. It is important that you contact Brandt Immigration as soon as an arrest takes place, as actions must be taken quickly to prevent the immigrant from being transported from detention facility to another facility.

If a family member, friend or loved one has been detained in immigration custody; please contact the experienced and aggressive deportation defense team at Brandt Immigration today.