Order of Supervision

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Order of Supervision

An order of supervision is issued when an individual has been released from the physical custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The order of supervision marks a waiting period that precedes the obtainment of a final order of removal.

If you are under an order of supervision, then there are specific actions that you are required to complete and/or adhere to as being subject to an order of supervision is a time of limited freedom for those who are not yet required to be removed from the country.

  • An order of supervision requires you to periodically report to an immigration officer.
  • Requires you to obtain permission if you plan to travel out of state. If an order of removal is given, then you may have to obtain necessary travel documents.
  • Requires you to keep the immigration officer informed of any personal information changes made, such as a change of address.
  • There are also rare cases where an order of supervision requires you to wear a GPS bracelet at all times.


Order of Supervision Lawyer

If you, a family member, or loved one has received an order of supervision, you want the best representation possible because a non-citizen normally receives only one chance to prove that he/she should not be deported. You need an experienced deportation defense attorney like Chad M. Brandt, who will fight for you as the consequences of an order of removal can be severe.